Spider R3V10

Spider R3V10

Mechanical distributors are particularly suitable for concrete placing where direct distribution with truck-mounted concrete pumps or stationary concrete booms come up against technical and economic limitations, i.e.

in the case of large surfaces and floors which cannot be reached with truck-mounted concrete pumps or which cannot be completely concreted in the case of floors and columns where the use of distributor booms causes too much time and energy in the case of projects such as the production of pre-cast units in a specially requested design. Areas of up to 320 m² can easily be concreted with the RV 10 from a fixed place. The heavy work with delivery lines spread over the floors can thus be avoided.

The RV 10 comes with a SK 125/5.5“ ST52 pipeline as standard.

Technical Data

Concrete area – 320 m²
Reach – 10 m
Total Weight – 1570 kg
Suitable for Slab/Wall/Column – Yes/Yes/No
Article number / Pipe diameter – 426078 – DN 125, 5.5″