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M.R Concrete Ltd provides Concrete Pumping solutions including Mobile and Static pumping units from M24 to M56. We benefit from having the newest and most modern fleet in the industry ensuring our clients can benefit from newer engines, lower emissions, and less fuel consumption.

Technical Information

  • Pumping capacity – Mobile pumps are rated between 100 and 160 cubic meters per/hr to accommodate all pour types. We offer, high pressure pumps to pump long ground lines and can supply additional pipeline and linesmen to carry out these pours.
  • OSS (One Side Support) – A range of our Mobile Concrete Pumps from M34 upwards are fitted with OSS (one side support). This system allows the outriggers to be extended halfway on one side and employs an interlock to prevent the boom from sleving onto that side.  
  • Boom restrictors – we offer a number of pumps which limit the working area of the boom. This is particularly useful when working near overhead cables or close to public areas.
  • Concrete Pumping – (Design mix types) – our concrete pumps are effective with all pumpable concrete mixes including special concrete. We regularly pump lightweight concrete including Lytag®, heavyweight concrete, polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete, steel fibre reinforced concrete, foamed concrete, super-plasticised, self-levelling concrete including Agilia® supplied by Lafarge, micro silica concrete including Toproc® supplied by Tarmac Topmix, low slump concrete and grout. When working with these special concretes we strongly recommend that you arrange a meeting to include the concrete pump supplier and the concrete supplier to ensure that the pump goes to plan.

We own, operate and maintain mobile and static pumps from M24 to M56.

Static Pumps & Stationary Placing Booms

Static Pumps & Stationary Placing Booms

M.R Concrete Ltd offers Static Pumping units combined with stationary Placing Booms which are extremely effective on inner city sites where space is at a premium. Provision of a fully comprehensive service includes the supply, installation and maintenence throughout the project duration.

Technical Information

  • Benefits – This system is considerably faster than using a crane and skip and is less likely to be adversely affected by high winds. The concrete is pumped by diesel or electrically powered static concrete pump, through a fixed 125mm pipeline to the stationary placing boom. The boom is mounted on a steel column of up to 20 meters high. The column is supported by a cross base or a system of floor frames set into the concrete floors. If floor frames are uses the whole column/boom assembly can climb with the building as the work progresses.
  • On larger sites, one boom can be used in conjunction with two or more columns allowing concrete to be placed over a bigger area. The boom can be readily moved from one column to the next and splits into two sections to facilitate handling by tower crane. The ability to move the boom from column to column allows an efficient cycle of work to develop of preparation, pouring and stripping shutters.
  • The use of stationary placing booms can obviate the need for pipeline laid out across the slab. This generally will increase the speed of each pour, reduce labour requirement and improve site safety. An additional advantage of this system is that the placing booms can easily pour walls and columns thus freeing up valuable crane time.

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We own, operate and maintain the newest and most modern fleet of equipment in the industry, ensuring our projects and clients benefit from newer engines, lower emissions and less fuel