Concrete Formwork – Frames

Reinforced Concrete Formwork / Frames

Reinforced Concrete Structures is at the core of our business and we have successfully delivered a variety of projects across all industries, including Agricultural, Civil & Infrastructural, Residential, Health Sectors, Commercial and Pharmaceutical throughout Ireland and the UK. We are fully committed to Health and Safety and we have a firm commitment to ensuring the absolute safety and well-being of all our staff and the general public.

What makes us different?

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop and provide engineered solutions that deliver value. We specialize in structural work packages which include enabling, civil engineering and infrastructure works, reinforced concrete construction, temporary works design and installation.

  • Direct delivery – We have a significant fleet of directly owned and operated plant which supports our concrete structures projects. Together with our integrated in-house team ensures that we can deliver projects cost-effectively and quickly adding significant commercial benefits to our clients.
  • Our approach – Our expertise allows us to support our clients at every stage of their project. We guarantee a complete service through the planning, construction and delivery stages. Our collaborative approach results in the successful delivery of our projects.
  • Engineered solutions – we have the knowledge and the expertise to solve engineering and cost problems for our clients.

Reinforced Concrete Structures Specialists


M.R. Concrete Specialises and has many years of experience in cross-wall construction. The technique is becoming more popular as it provides savings on overall project time when compared with traditional methods of construction.


M.R. Concrete has the experience and confidence to manage the complete shell construction, including the supply and placement of reinforced steelwork. This minimises overall logistical disruption and delays, reducing project time and cost.


The benefits of this technique are that because the floor is poured in-situ, there are no requirements for relieving angles, etc., and no delays caused by waiting times on pre-cast forms. M.R. Concrete continuously stocks considerable quantities of decking formwork and therefore decking can be completed quickly. These two benefits can deliver savings of up to 20% when compared to equivalent pre-cast options.


M.R. Concrete is one of the first companies in the uk and Ireland to implement this highly effective technique. The main advantages are the savings in project time, which in-turn provides a time-saving of up to 40%. This allows completion time to be reduced to only 7 days per floor over traditional formwork techniques that require 12 days per floor. This technique also reduces the requirement for crainage by up to 50%. These cost and time savings are making this method more popular.