Mobile Cranes

Mobile Crane Hire

M.R. Concrete Ltd provides a range of Mobile Cranes from 60t to 230t offering General Hire and Contract Lifting throughout Ireland and UK. We benefit from having the newest and most modern Liebherr fleet in the industry ensuring our clients can benefit from newer engines, lower emissions, and less fuel consumption.

General Hire or Contract Lift

We offer two types of Mobile Crane Hire service including General Hire or Contract Lift, under both types an *Appointed Person is required.

  • General Hire – As part of the general hire, the client would be fully responsible for supervising the work undertaken and would have full liability for the lift. It is therefore essential that you have a suitably qualified *Appointed Person with appropriate training, knowledge and skillset.
  • Contract Lift – Our Contract Lift service is the solution for clients looking for a fully managed lift. We provide everything including, site visit and survey, detailed Lift Plan inluding Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings, Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS), Appointed person, and single or multiple cranes required to conduct the operation.

*Appointed Person – This individual is responsible for the execution and safety of a lifting operation. We know the slightest error during the lift planning could result in safety risks and great cost to your company so we always recommend that your Appointed Person has full awareness of the extensive planning and legal requirements that are required including the following:


  • Planning
  • Selection of crane, lifting gear and personnel
  • Instruction and supervision
  • Consultation where necessary with other organisations
  • Ensuring adequate inspection and maintanence of Lifting Equipment
  • Ensuring effective procedures are in place for reporting defects, incidents and corrective action
  • Responsible for the organisation, control and safety of each lifting operation

General Mobile Crane Hire or Contract Lift?

If you’re unsure of what option is right for you, get in touch and a member of our team will offer their advice and expert opinion.

Our expert team can plan, manage and execute all lifting requirements!